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Warren Suicide

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 25th Novemober, 2005

Warren Suicide's Singer Disappears

Berlin rock-electro trio Warren Suicide have become a duo after the band's singer Lucki disappeared without trace two months ago. The remaining pair of Cherie and Nacht are continuing going without pause, releasing next single Fulford on Monday then their debut album The Hello in January.

Just three months ago Lucki chatted to Skrufff and revealed that he left his birthplace of Transylvania aged just seven, when his parents decided to abandon their East European home.

"We got a visa for a two week holiday in Germany and we stayed, leaving everything behind in Romania; our house, our possessions and the rest of our family and friends," Lucki recalled.

"It was extremely hard for us in the beginning because none of us spoke German except for my dad, who could just manage a few words."

Lucki also chatted about the vampire folklore indelibly linked to Transylvania though suggested 'vampires are just a symbol; the biggest vampire of all time in Romania was definitely Caucescau (former dictator Nikolai Caucescau)."

"Also, we have many bats colonies, I remember when I lived there, bats would always fly into the living room in the evenings, and we lived in the city. I think you're referring to Count Dracula though, he fought the Turks and he was particularly gruesome and brutal. It's fascinating how the mystical and mysterious will always grab people's interest," he mused.

Fulford is out on Fume Records on November 21.(Jonty Skrufff)

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