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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 24th November, 2005

Mixmag's Heavy Metal Future

Mixmag's new owners Development Hell compared the still hugely influential magazine to heavy metal bible Kerrang this week, and promised to 'get back to basics' to restore it to its former glory.

"The dance music scene and clubbing scene is currently not what it was at the end of the century, which created a great big wave for Mixmag to surf in on," Mixmag's new publisher Jerry Perkins told the Press Gazette, "But it's analogous to Kerrang!, I suppose - there will always be a market for dance music that isn't mainstream and we aim to deliver to that market."

Development Hell editorial director David Hepworth also revealed they'll be resisting rational analysis in planning the new version of the mag, at least in terms of ignoring focus groups.

"A magazine reader is 50% themselves and 50% their own fantasy," he told the Guardian, "The magazine is often connecting with the person they would like to be."(Jonty Skrufff)

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