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Jonty Skrufff

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 24th November, 2005

TrustTheDJ.com Launch JontySkrufff.com

UK DJ portal TrustheDJ.com have added Jonty Skrufff to their online roster of DJs, hosting the Skrufff man's brand new website JontySkrufff.com.

The new site pools together all Jonty's DJing-related activities and includes a brand new weekly blog featuring links, radio playlists and record recommendations.

"The plan with JontySkrufff.com is to provide a one stop online location for everything connected to my DJing, whether that's future gigs, new DJ mixes or pictures and reviews from places I've been spinning in," said Jonty.

"I'm making great progress with the DJing generally, and I'm delighted to be joining a roster that includes Carl Cox, Gilles Peterson, Chris Liberator and Pete Tong. The Trustthedj crew are also a fine crew as well as being excellent karaoke singers," he added.

"We've watched Jonty's meteoric climb up the DJ ladder with interest bordering on alarm," said TTDJ's Cameron MacPhail, "So it feels appropriate and indeed timely to bring him into the fold. And given that through his press agency Skrufff.com he spends half his time bigging up the tunes and producers he plays, it seems a natural fit, both for him and us. Though given that he's straight-edge, his singing leaves rather too much to be desired." (Jonty Skrufff)

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