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Steve Lawler

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 24th November, 2005

Steve Lawler's Fashion Faux Pas?

Space resident DJ Steve Lawler announced this week that he's rebranding all of his business activities under the banner 'Viva' from the beginning of next year as well as closing down all his physical record labels.

"This is the way forward for me as a record label," the Birmingham/ Balearic producer explained, "Times are changing so quickly, and I want to start 2006 by leading the way with how people receive and enjoy the music I release. I am excited by the proposition of only being online, which is where a lot of my music buying audience tend to live."

The self styled 'superstar DJ/ producer/ remixer' also revealed that he's 'in discussions with fashion houses about turning Viva into a lifestyle collection' though provided no further information about the garments his fashion company might provide. Speaking to Skrufff several years ago, however, he displayed a keen interest in ultra-flamboyant clothes, declaring 'if you're a bloke who likes to go out dressed up and in high heels, that's great.

"When you go to a club, it's entertainment time, it's show time, you can let your problems and your worries go and be who you want to be," Steve continued, "In America, you have five days a week accountants who love to go out dressed as trannies at the weekend and I think that's fantastic."

Despite his love of over-the-top clothes for others, he admitted he never dressed up extremely himself ('I'd look like a complete idiot'), adding 'image is important to me to a certain extent, I tend to wear designer clothes, but it doesn't matter if a DJ wears a baseball cap or is covered in gold.

And anyway, being about four foot tall myself, when I stand behind the decks how can I expect people to notice what I'm wearing?"

Viva Recordings launches in January 2006.(Jonty Skrufff)

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