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Danny Rampling

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 14th November, 2005

Danny Rampling's 8 Hour Top Tip: Preparation, Preparation & Preparation

Acid house pioneer Danny Rampling will be spending up to four days choosing his records for his last ever London DJ set, he revealed this week in an interview about his upcoming 8 hour finale at Turnmills.

The Shoom legend stressed he'll also be planning his marathon set carefully, pointing out 'can you imagine an actor walking out on stage at the theatre and to not have rehearsed for the show, it's a similar thing in terms of DJ sets'.

"For an eight hour set you need to keep it exciting, the whole thing won't be structured fully, but there will be parts of the set that will be pre-structured; it's all about building blocks," said Danny.

"They'll definitely be a structure to the introduction, whether that's the first hour or two, then there will be a freestyle period and then perhaps another planned hour or so. That's how I always like to work."

His stance contrasts markedly with fellow acid house originator Pete Tong who revealed in July that he rarely plans even his first record ('"I've only ever planned a set on a couple of occasions and both times it was a disaster," he told the Observer) though matched that of other big name spinners, as Dannny himself recognised.

"People like Tenaglia and Paul Oakenfold do the same thing and like to structure their extended sets. You're on stage, it's entertainment and therefore it has to be perfect," said Danny.

"I would say it's certainly beneficial to the audience to have a structure at the beginning of the set, as opposed to turning up and opening up your record bag and hoping for the best."

Danny Rampling says Farewell to London with Frankie Knuckles and Alfredo on Saturday December 3. (Jonty Skrufff)

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