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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 14th November, 2005

Filthy French House Producers Fail To Clean Up For Brazil

Hotly tipped Parisian duo Justice confirmed this week that a recent study suggesting that nine of ten French people hate soap and 1 in 25 never shower is true, and stressed that even though they'll soon be jetting off to Brazil for a mini DJ tour, they'll be maintaining the rigorous no washing regime.

"Unluckily, our Brazilian trip falls out just before our annual bath in the Seine," the pair explained.

"It seems that using soap is bad for health and that's why we use a blend of ashes, sand and pig grease. It is much better, and girls are irresistibly attracted by the animalistic scent it exhales," they told Skrufff.

Gaspard and Xavier formed Justice in 2003 after meeting at a party when Xavier spotted Gaspard spitting beer on a girl's hair, though the pair stressed they've recently become much better behaved toward the ladies.

"It's been two years that we didn't get out of our flat, so we've forgotten everything about love, girls and what it feels like to be hooked," they revealed.

"So it won't be difficult for us to be convinced that Brazilian girls are the best lovers, certainly because French girls are awfully pretentious, and arrogant. But that's why we love them so much."

The pair will be DJing at Sao Paulo's ampgalaxy club and Rio's Dama de Ferro alongside their manager Pedro Winter (who as well as DJing and producing himself, also happens to manage Daft Punk) and are preparing special shows for both gigs, they promise.

"We plan to slaughter live puppies during our DJ set, and Pedro will be splashing his own blood on people in the pit," they revealed, "then we'll be nailing Gaspard to a cross for the finale on 'Waters of Nazareth'; guaranteed entertainment."

Music-wise they'll be dropping their unique brand of filthy, glitchy experimental house and almost certainly their debut single Never Be Alone, which first appeared on DJ Hell's Gigolo Records in 2004, and became something of an electroclash anthem, despite the duo's best intentions.

"We've never been into electroclash, it's a pure chance we are linked to this scene, to be honest, we don't know the exact meaning of this word, but we were lucky that Hell got interested in something a bit different than what he's usually releasing," they said.

"We prefer to describe our sound as Bernard Edwards from Chic being abused by the guys from Slayer. That description sums up quite well what we are trying to do: brutal music that's both funky and cheesy."

The pair also confessed to feeling a certain rivalry with the Brits, admitting 'we envy their gastronomic skills and their bad teeth. SUS AUX ANGLOIS!'

"But seriously, we love British people, we've been doing our best parties there in the last six months. In the party and music competition stakes, they won a long time ago."

Justice play Rio de Janeiro @ Dama de Ferro on Friday November 25, and Sao Paulo @ ampgalaxy, on Saturday November 26. They also perform at London's Bugged Out the week before (November 19) alongside Riton and James Holden protégé Nathan Fake).(Jonty Skrufff)