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DJ Hell

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 7th November, 2005

DJ Hell Goes Football Crazy

Gigolo Records boss DJ Hell issued press shots of himself posing alongside Bavarian minor league soccer team TSV Altenmarkt this week, in a marked change of style from his usual practise of cuddling up to models or his Gigolo pin-up Amanda Lapore.

The self proclaimed gigolo recently started sponsoring the Kreisliga team, who in return wear red soccer kits adorned with the logo 'DJ Hell' across their chests, though Hell (who wore a traditional football manager style overcoat for the photo-shoot) insisted the arrangement remains 'low key and fun'.

Chatting to Skrufff last year, he admitted his lifestyle was becoming increasingly more sporty, confessing "I do a lot of running and playing soccer, I'm also just getting back into tennis. I used to play tennis as a kid then I stopped playing for a while. The problem is you need a good tennis partner, without one you get bored," he said.

Hell also identified his abstinence from drugs as a factor, declaring 'I was always more interested in having a healthy lifestyle, in taking care of your food and your body.'

"I would never say anything against it, I tried a lot of things, including alcohol, and I had some great moments but I'm 42 and things are changing in life. You don't want this anymore. When I was young and a kid I used to look forward to getting wasted at the weekend, even to getting fucked up, but I think when you're 42 you see things differently- that's normal," he said.

Hell's combined interests in soccer and clubbing matched those of fellow 90s German superstar producer/ DJ Marc Spoon though the Jam & Spoon star's experiences varied markedly.

In 2002, Mixmag reported he was sentenced to 3 days in jail after being convicted of soccer hooliganism for fighting in a stadium 12 years previously. He also spent a number of days in jail in the 90s, after he was caught scoffing a couple of ecstasy pills, while he DJed at Space in Ibiza.
(Jonty Skrufff)