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Adam Freeland

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 7th November, 2005

Adam Freeland - Britain Is Becoming A Police State

Tommy Lee, the Plump DJs, Evil Nine, DJ Aero and Adam Freeland are presenting a party at Medicine Bar this week to raise funds for anti ID card charity Our World, Our Say. The breaks DJs will be spinning back to back mash-up sets (presumably meaning record by record) at the East London club while the Motley Crue stickman drums over the top.

Tickets cost from £5 donations (with no guest list) for a cause that Adam Freeland suggested this week needs urgent support from everyone.

"Opposing the ID Cards Bill &the National Identity Register is something I feel strongly about," he explained.

"Not only is it an infringement on our basic human rights, I just don't want my identity on one central database which could potentially be hacked. I don't want to show my fingerprint scan every time I make a transaction and I don't want the government to spend at least £19 billion of our money on a scheme that clearly won't hinder terrorism."

"I don't want to live in a Police state, which is where we are rapidly going unless we speak out and oppose these bills which quietly take away our rights one at a time," the Robert Palmer look-a-like continued. "I'd like to fight to hang on to this thin veil of western democracy while I can before we all become like epsilons from an Aldous Huxley novel."

"And I want to use all this as an excuse to get really wrecked with my mates on Wednesday night," Adam added.

No Idea is on Wednesday November 9 at Medicine Bar 89 Great Eastern Street, from 9pm-2am.
(Jonty Skrufff)

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