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DJ Pierre

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 1th November, 2005

Acid House Inventor's Evangelical Awakening

Acid Traxx house legend DJ Pierre chatted to Skrufff this week about becoming a born again Christian and confirmed that his new French Kiss style single Paris Collection (Feel Sexy) will be one of his last sexually charged productions.

The 303 pioneer producer insisted, however, that the orgasmic moans and Hannah Hais' sexually suggestive screams were nothing of the sort, though he conceived they could be easily misconstrued.

"I'm so disconnected right now that a moan to me is a different sound, I was thinking that people could moan like that working out in a gym," he insisted, "And the lyrics are about model girls walking the runway, and they say when they walk the runway they feel sexy."

"I've done that track and I know what it means to me but I also realise that I shouldn't be encouraging other people to stumble," Pierre added.

The lapsed Catholic and former member of Louis Farakhan's Nation Of Islam (', it's so much of a conspiracy based religion, they were too extreme for me' he says) found God in 2000 after his marriage started failing, he admitted.

"There were so many problems in my marriage that I was looking to God for help, and that really pushed me to make a decision. I understood things weren't right because God wasn't in his rightful place and everything else could work from that. I wanted my wife to do the same but she was like 'if you wanna go to church and do all that, well go ahead'.

I wanted my partner to do it with me which at the time I thought was logical, but when I did become Christian and started following the word of God I realised I should have just gone by myself; because it's about my personal relationship with God. Sometimes people can see God in you, by the way you carry yourself and do things, and that draws them in, more so than hammering them over the head with the word," said Pierre.

"It was really around 1998 when I started feeling that I needed to establish myself as a Christian. I had already accepted Jesus in my life, but not fully," he added.

"You can be a Christian and not live it, you've got to live the word; you can't just talk the talk and not live your life right," he continued.

"Though I never did anything like drugs and drinking; that was never a part of my life. I always saw taking drugs and drinking as a sign of weakness, People would do it around me and I would have fun laughing and giggling at them; it was fun to watch but I would see how silly they looked and the things they'd be doing and I'd think I don't want to get involved."

DJ Pierre's (fantastic) new single Paris Collection is out on Black Tech Records shortly. Felix also DJs alongside UK electro pioneer Greg Wilson at Shookum at the Key, on Friday November 4.

http://www.finalcall.com (Nation Of Islam)

http://www.muhammadspeaks.com ('Audio / Video Recordings by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad')

(Jonty Skrufff)