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international news_1st November, 2004

www.samurai.fm - New Music Update

Japan's only electronic music radio station is back with the next selection of quality electronic music from around the world.

Heading up this week is one of the worlds best known dance music producers. Responsible for many of the twists in the development of dance music in the last 10 years Armnand Van Helden is known by every true dance music fan as a true musical genius. With 3 new singles and a new album released this year he is leading a new wave of rock inspired productions that are transforming sounds played to dancefloors worldwide.

Next up is Two Lone Swordsmen Andy Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood. In anticipation of their Eagerly anticipated live Japanese date, the first live gigs Weatherall has performed since his mid 90's Sabres of Paradise tour, Groovepressure Records presents an exclusive hour mix from the Lord Sabre Andy and half an hour from Radioactive Man Keith.

Groovepressure Jazz Collection presents a showcase mix from the people responsible for the next instalment in the wonderful Fabric Mix CD series, Mark Blissenden (half of Baby Mammoth), Beige (half of Momma Gravy), and Solid Doctor (Steve Cobby of Fila Brazillia). The three musicians have teamed up for this album of the coolest electronic music but for samurai each of them performs a unique half hour mix.

Another new show on the station this week from the crew from Vision Music in London. Inaspace Radio will be hosted by Dobbs, an established figure in the UK scene spinning since 1992 and currently releasing on Ark Records, Coldtap, Redgrave, Sinister, and his own Inaspace imprint. Joining him over the weeks will be a variety of guests from the artists vision music represents.

Finally a showcase mix from one of Irelands leading techno labels D1 Recordings. A selection of tracks from the label, the hour long show is mixed by 2 of the D1 crew Scott Logan and Eamonn Doyle.

Up next will be an samurai.fm exclusive mix from French electro genius Kid Loco, and a new MakeYourMove show with GU Tokyo's resident Dave Twomey and special guest Marcus Mehta ,(Exun / Circle Recordings, Germany). Stay Tuned

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