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international news _ 22nd May, 2006

Defected Chase Upmarket Ageing Ravers

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Defected Records chief Simon Dunmore unveiled details of his label's new Ibiza themed In The House compilation Eivissa 2006 this week and admitted that his label is now actively targeting affluent, mature clubbers.

"Generally the output of Defected is aimed at an older, more sophisticated demographic' and I think that's been true of house music and disco throughout the ages," he suggested.

"If you look at classic clubs like Studio 54, if you look at the pictures, they weren't kids in those clubs; they are models, artists and people at the top of their tree, and a little bit older."

"Pacha (Ibiza) is the equivalent of Studio 54 because you will see the paparazzi there trying to hook up with Elle McPherson, a grand prix driver, or some pretty wealthy people that frequent the place," the UK label boss continued, "So musically the album reflects that."

His decision to target mature clubbers struck a chord with the views of Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills who two years ago urged techno labels to release music 'targeted to an older generation' in the face of less artistically inclined younger clubbers.

"I think that the older generations are quicker to recognise the higher artistic forms. As a DJ today, when I play for an older crowd, I can play a more diverse, progressive set, I can play older classics and a wider range of music," the Axis Records chief told Skrufff.

"In the context of what's happening these days it's wiser to look at the generations that started electronic music; they're the ones who probably understand it the most, they're the ones who grew up with it and made it all happen. If they had an interest in it before, then they probably still have one now," he added.

"I think it's questionable, this general thinking within the music industry that dance music is only for young people."

Defected In The House: Eivissa 2006 is out on July 6

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