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international news _ 19th May, 2006

Goa Raves Going & Finally Gone

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Goa officials confirmed this week that they're implementing a state-wide ban on all night-time raves and beach parties despite concerns from local businesses that the Indian holiday resort could lose up to 60% of its visitors.

"We have banned beach parties after 10 pm. We don't care about tourists who attend rave or trance parties. People better obey the directive." Goa's Deputy Chief Minister Dr Wilfred D'Souza warned.

"Banning rave and trance parties - which generally begin after midnight and end by late morning - will reduce the use of narcotics in the state," he claimed (Mid Day Mombai).

Glade Festival organiser/ psy-trance Nick Ladd said he's unsurprised by the ban, telling Skrufff 'there have been strong feelings locally about unlicensed dance events in Goa for some time, but it's always sad when a part of a culture based on free thinking and good times is quashed by authority.'

He also predicted the ban will have little impact on the worldwide trance scene, with other tourist destinations increasingly attracting psy-revellers anyway.

"Psychedelic trance is a truly global movement now, it is a very strong, closely knit family and the loss of one location will not disrupt that in any major way," said Nick.

"Although it was the epicentre of the scene, Goa has been in decline as a psy-trance party destination for sometime, countries such as Australia, Brazil and South Africa have been flying the flag for the southern hemisphere for many years now," he said.

DJ Pathaan, who recently became label manager of Youth's definitive trance label Dragonfly, also predicted the Goa crackdown will have little impact outside India, and branded Dr D'Souza's comments as 'fair enough, but arrogant too'.

"It's time to move on, baby, the world is a big place and there are many places that will greet you with open arms and allow the raves. Goa, like India, is a great place to holiday and chill and probably party, but watch your back," he advised.