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Summer Music Conference

international news _ 9th May, 2006

San Francisco's Unrequited Love

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

As we are all already aware, the Love Parade will be returning to its Berlin home after traveling around the world for two years. That unfortunately means that this year San Francisco will not get to feel the love. But as one door closes there is always someone waiting to jam their foot in the way, this time it is the Summer Music Conference. This inaugural event pledges to not merely replace the void left by the Love Parade's departure but to also build upon the foundations it has left. It also appears that the four day event looks to attract some of the commercial benefits that surround the Winter Music Conference in Miami every year.

San Francisco's new found conference kicks off on September 27th with a networking dinner at the SupperClub with the two following days featuring panel discussions and exhibits centered around the theme of digital music. The final day will be Saturday, September 30th and will see the Summer Music Conference Festival heading to the Civic Center Plaza in the very heart of San Francisco. As yet the lineup for the 4 stage festival, or any associated events during the conference are unknown and organizers are calling for all interested parties to contact the Summer Music Conference directly.

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