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international news _ 2nd May, 2006

Glade Festival Stir Up Psy-Breaks In London

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Breaks legend Rennie Pilgrim and Glade Festival organiser Nick Ladd have teamed up to launch a new breaks / psy-trance event in London next month, at the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall.

Dreadzone, Aquasky and Pendulum headline the festival-in-a-club style party's breaks room alongside Tristan, the Commercial Hippies and Allaby in the trance zone.

"When we first started thinking about the first Glade Festival in 2003, we knew that the two main families represented would be Psy Trance and Breaks - the question was how would they get on - like old mates it turns out, so pulling the two together for an indoor night was the next natural step," said Nick.

"We also feel we have got something unique to offer the London club scene - ID Spiral will also be there doing a chill out, making it 3 stages from the Glade Festival, and so the gig will have a festival feeling," he continued, "Its a good time for people to come together under one roof for a killer indoor party before the summer takes us outside."

Rennie Pilgrim told Skrufff he's equally enthusiastic about merging the two scenes, declaring 'they are both underground genres with a really loyal, devoted following and they're both outside the mainstream of the dance world. They both appeal to more alternative, less 'dressy' people probably slightly older than some of the other sub genres; they have both been known to attract people with dreadlocks," he added.

Nick also stressed the party, dubbed Stir, is aimed at alternative types more than fashion followers in keeping with psy-trance's long held status as outsider music.

"I think it's misunderstood, it's certainly not easily accessible music - you have got to be in the right frame of mind and that can be challenging," he suggested, "But like so many things that are acquired tastes, once you get it, you've got it and it has long lasting rewards. Another great thing about psy-trance is that the people who are into it are some of the friendliest, most creative people on the planet," he added.

"I have many friends who are really not that into the music, but will turn up to a 3 day Psy Trance Festival just to hang out and enjoy the vibe."

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