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International news_Skrufff_23rd May 2005

Groove Armada's Car Cash Confession

Tom Findlay from British dance duo's Groove Armada chatted to Skrufff this week and revealed that he had no reservations about licensing their 90s hit tI See You Baby to a high profile TV advertising campaign for a car.

"It's money for old rope, if someone wants to give me thirty grand for an old tune that's fine," said Tom, "That tune is already gone anyway, it's had its time, it's not even my version of the advert, it's the Fatboy Slim mix."

Tom was being interviewed to promote his upcoming Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park and admitted that despite Groove Armada becoming one of dance culture's most commercially successful acts, he's a long way from being able to retire.

"You're never going to get rich just through selling records, you can get comfortable but to make serious money you have to sell such a huge volume of records, certainly with a major label deal," he pointed out. "So if you've got a family and you're working and making music is what you do for a living, which I do, then you can't really turn it down. If somebody came up to you and offered you thirty grand (thousand) to write an article for a British Airways magazine, you'd probably take it- I wouldn't expect you not to."

He also revealed he still dries an old Saab ('not very sexy', as he put it) though hadn't licensed tunes to absolutely anyone.

"There are some adverts we've turned down for At The River, which didn't feel appropriate, and we got awful offers for Superstylin', from products like Pringles Crisps. The car ad isn't too bad, and we needed the money at the time," said Tom.

Groove Armada headline both Saturday (July 23) and Sunday (July 24) events at the Hackney park alongside Mylo and Plantlife (live) and DJs including Todd Terry and Damian Lazarus (Saturday) and Ashley Beedle, Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay on Sunday. Tickets cost 30 Pounds Saturday and 25 Pounds Sunday.(Jonty Skrufff / Skrufff.com)

To check the details of Lovebox Festival click Here

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