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international news _ 14th March, 2007

Catching Sound With DJ Vadim

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

DJ Vadim is coming at you once again with his latest solo album "The Soundcatcher".

Vadim Peare was born in Russia but spent almost all his life in England. His debut "Headz Ainít Ready" was released off his own label Jazz Fudge which shut down in 2004. Losing his label however did not slow Vadim down at all. He has contributed to (and been in) the Spanish Hip-Hop group 7 Notas 7 Colorez, The Isolationist, The Russian Percussion and most recently Oneself. Having toured the world with some of the biggest names in the industry, his sound has evolved with each experience.

"The Soundcatcher" is Vadim's 5th album and has his unique character in every track while at the same time branching out in new directions. After relocating himself and his studio to Brooklyn last year this album was born.

"The Soundcatcher" will be released on April 7th.

01. Intro
02. Feat Feats feat. Emo and Syrus
03. Talk To Me feat. Sena
04. They Say feat. Diane
05. Soundcatchers feat. Abstract Rude
06. Manchester
07. Kill Kill Kill feat. Big Red and Katherin Deboer
08. Milwaukee
09. Like The Wind feat. Deuce Eclipse
10. Black Is The Night feat. Katherin Deboer
11. Got To Rock feat. Zion
12. Theme To Big Willy Dee
13. Ballistic Affairs feat. Skinny Man and Sena
14. Sufferin' Blues feat. Jill Green
15. Bath In Bleach
16. SD4
17. Watch That Sound feat. Emo

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