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Yr Mum Yr Dad

international news _ 13th March, 2007

Yr Mum, Yr Dad Divorce

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

London new rave/ performance duo Yr Mum, Yr Dad announced they're splitting up this week, bowing out with a final show at Londonís Ghetto next weekend.

"All good things come to an end, itís been two years and it felt like a natural end and time for something new", Scottie told Skrufff. "As spring approaches its out with the old in with the new. Yr Mum, Yr Dad's last gig will be on March 16th at the Cock."

The 21 year old Anti-Social promoter said heíll be concentrating on DJing (Ďdoing fewer, bigger gigs at the likes of Torture Garden and Popstarzí) making music (his own plus a new classical collaboration with composer Jordan Hunt & performer The-O) and encouraging freaky dressing, though he doesnít see it on those terms.

"I don't aim to dress freaky or be extreme - I aim to create the opposite actually Ė I want to make beautiful objects and clothing with discarded, otherwise mundane things," said Scottee.

"Yes, itís seen as freaky, when a boy dressed in paper seems to be galavanting his flab off - but if you think about it Ė thatís a really nice thing," he mused.

"Plus, I donít want to be the only one able to make amazing things to wear and show off in; my aim is to get the country dressing up; with six year old kids asking their mum for some copydex for fake eyelashes - thatís where I'm aiming."

Looking back on Yr Mum, Yr Dadís meteoric rise to the top of Londonís alternative/ queer/ new rave scene, Scottie recalled encountering more than a few copyists (Ďimitation is flattery and itís a little pat on the back to say your must be doing something rightí) plus envy from rivals including bitter club promoters.

"Weíve come across quite a bit of jealousy, it usually arises from other peopleís insecurities around their work," he said.

"Thereís been so much media attention on new rave, electroclash, freak, whatever you call it, that some people get hungry for it and become cut-throat. There's actually enough space for everyone to exist but some are not clever enough to realize it."

"I think Anti-Social was at the right place at the right time", he added. "Iíve never promoted the club as a new rave event but as with all good clubs you move with the times. Personally I donít feel there's enough new for the title new rave - but it certainly feels like a new direction is taking place in London."

Scottee DJs at Antisocial and Chalk at the Scala later as Yr Mum Yr Dad on Saturday March 10, then at The Cock (The Ghetto) on Friday March 16.

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