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Spank Rock

international news _ 2nd March, 2007

Spank The Fabric

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

The latest in the "Fabriclive" series gets done up by Baltimore based quartet Spank Rock. Born and raised in pretty much the same neighborhood, it was inevitable that these like minded individuals would cross paths and venture down the same musical path. Made up of Naeem Juwan (MC Spank Rock), Chris Devlin (DJ Chris Rockswell), Alex Epton (Armani XXXchange) and DJ Ronnie Darko, their approach and sound have got them critical acclaim and although they have been going at it for some time, their huge success has come almost overnight.

For their Fabriclive mix, they have gone to a great extent to bring each individual's style (and taste) to every cut. They've even recorded their own sound effects in an effort to separate their sound from fellow Big Dada DJ/producer Diplo, who was responsible for "Fabriclive 24".

"Fabriclive 33" will be released on April 16th.

01. Intro
02. Kurtis Blow / The Breaks
03. CSS / Letís Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix)
04. Mr Oizo / Nazis (Justice Mix)
05. Dominatrix / The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
06. Yello / Bostich
07. Zongamin / Bongo Song
08. Kano / Iím Ready
09. Daft Punk / Technologic
10. Switch / A Bit Patchy
11. The Contours / Do You Love Me
12. Mylo / Drop The Pressure
13. Yes / Owner Of A Lonely Heart
14. Para One / Dudun Dun
15. Best Fwends / Myself (XXXChange Remix)
16. KW Griff / Good Man
17. Uffie / Hot Chick (Feadz Edit)
18. Metro Area / Orange Alert (DFA Remix)
19. Tangerine Dream / Love On A Real Train
20. Simian Mobile Disco / Hustler
21. The Romantics / Talking In Your Sleep
22. Chicks On Speed / Wordy Rappinghood (The Playgroup Remix)
23. Bonde Do Role / MelŰ Do Tabacco (XXXChange Remix With The Ford Granada)
24. Miss Kittin And The Hacker / Stock Exchange
25. Rick Ross / Hustliní
26. Hot Chip / Over And Over (Maurice Fulton Remix)
27. Gaz Nevada / I.C. Love Affair
28. L.T.D. / Love To The World
29. Outro

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