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international news _ 13th March, 2006

James Holden, Vector Lovers & Padded Cell Headline Encompass 2006

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Organisers of London's poly-venue alternative electronic music festival Encompass have revealed that 19 independent labels including Soma, Warp, Compost and Tummy Touch will be presenting showcases at this year's event which takes place from Thursday May 11 to Saturday 13.

Though their first wildly successful event last year hosted numerous events around Brick Lane, this year's follow up will be more centred around Hoxton despite the area still being mocked by the media sometimes as a haven for yuppies and wannabes.

"I chose the area deliberately," Encompass chief Jon Terry told Skrufff.

"It's easy to take the piss out of Hoxton but there's nowhere else in England where you find that mix of venues and creativity and atmosphere, and there are very few areas where you've got a good mixture of venues and a very forward thinking crowd. There's a real mish-mash of people there and it's a creative hub for London," he said.

Revellers will be able to attend a daytime conference on the Saturday at Shoreditch Town Hall featuring one on one interviews with industry players and artists, then attend parties on all three nights at clubs including 93 Feet East, Cargo, Rhythm Factory and the End, either individually or via access all areas wrist bands.

"We're going to be offering around 500 wristbands a night, though no more than that," said Jon.

"There was an event in Hoxton a few years ago called Hung, Drawn & Quartered which operated a similar scheme and they had a few problems with it because it's really difficult to manage.

The particular problem Hung, Drawn & Quartered experienced was that you couldn't buy individual advance tickets to each individual so they had thousands of people trying to get into some clubs and no-one going into others. The way we're doing Encompass is that you can go to the individual clubs as normal while the lucky few can get the wristbands," he said.

UK graffiti legend Richard Sen (aka Padded Cell) Dan Berkson, Petter and James Holden headline, alongside a cast of hundreds more leftfield types.

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