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international news _ 6th March, 2006 _ JONTY SKRUFFF

Ibiza Club Chiefs Back Balearic Motorway Plans

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Pacha brand director Danny Whittle and Judgement Sunday promoter Judge Jules both lent their support to the construction of a new six lane motorway across Ibiza this week, despite thousands of local people demonstrating against the new road in massive protests at the weekend,

The new highway will replace the notoriously deadly road linking the airport with Ibiza Town and on to San Antonio, cutting past both Amnesia and the island's biggest superclub Privilege, and is essential for the island's future, both club chiefs concurred.

"There's no question that the road infrastructure in Ibiza is in need of radical improvement, in summer the main artery from San Antonio to Ibiza is both congested and riddled with traffic accidents. It's one of Europe's most notoriously dangerous roads," said Jules.

"And as someone who's owned a house on Ibiza for ten years, frequently visiting outside the core summer months (when the island is tranquil and a wholly different place), I can sympathise with islanders objecting to the motorway, up to a point but the highway is necessary progress," he added.

Pacha boss Danny Whittle agreed, declaring 'the reality is that Ibiza needs these roads badly, it's one of those situations where we have to suffer a little now while the work is completed, but over the next 20 years everyone will be saying 'Thank God, they did that'," he predicted.

"More importantly, a few years ago the road from San Antoni was listed as the most dangerous road in the world, FHM magazine said it was worse than Sniper Alley in Serbia. Too many kids have died on that road and it needs to stop."

British newspaper the Independent On Sunday sided heavily with local protestors referring to 'the blight of tourism' a stance Danny disagreed with though accepted.

"Thank God we live in a country were you can make your opinions known," said Danny.

"As with all such projects they always come up against people who are either badly effected or just don't want change and I just hope the ones being affected are very well compensated as some have owned their land for hundreds of years.

"And for the ones who don't want change for the sake of it, well I just hope their kids are safe on the roads, that's the most important issue," he added