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international news _ 1st March, 2006

Pacha Takes Hamburg's Cherry

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

The Pacha brand was dealt a blow recently as the clubbing colossus was forced to close the doors of one of its twenty clubs. The franchise that was obviously deemed to be not quite cutting the mustard was Pacha's Hamburg, Germany club. Despite Pacha removing all traces of itself, the club will in fact continue under a different name and musical direction meaning that residents of Hamburg will still be able to enjoy weekends at a venue that features both a restaurant and roof terrace.

The slight faltering of the red cherries' worldwide domination, with their forces being reduced to nineteen clubs, shows similarities to Gorbachev's call for glasnost and perestroika in 1986 which was the beginning of the end for the communist revolution. So, only time well tell if our generation's red plague will follow the same path. But for now fear not as you can still check out this almost mythical club in Spain, Germany, Argentina, England, Morroco, Gran Canaria, USA, Egypt and Portugal.

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