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international news _ 2nd March, 2005

Can you imagine what ABSOLUT Vodka sounds like ?

Well those highly creative creatives responsible for the turning the image of pure Swedish vodka in a Swedish medicine bottle into a world cultural icon have taken their latest promotional campaign beyond a purely visual medium and into the realm of music.

In tune with previous concepts ABSOLUT have acquired the help of a number of artists, in this case talented music producers and asked them to interpret the brand musically, under the concept 'ABSOLUT Tracks'.

To allow the broadest range of people to listen to those tracks and experience the sound of ABSOLUT, the music has been made available through digital stream on the internet.

Indeed Higher-Frequency is very pleased to let you all have your first listen to the sound of ABSOLUT Vodka. so by clicking on the accompanying player you can listen to the seven tracks released so far including tunes by Aril Brikha, Taxi, Rollercone, DJ Vadim, Monika Kruse, Jacek Sienkiewicz and Wally Lopez. Also by clicking on the link on the player you can also visit the ABSOLUT TRACKS site and download all the tracks, in MP3 or WAV, and the music videos. (Mark Oxley)

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