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Nu Rave

international news _ 12th June, 2007

New Rave, New Crackdown

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

British local authorities issued a five point plan for councils to fight free parties this week, urging them to monitor Myspace and to pay particularly close attention to dangerous 'nu rave' bands including the Klaxons, New Young Pony Club, Trash Fashion and Hot Chip. (the Guardian).

"Illegal raves could sweep the nation again this summer with many taking place around festival days," the Local Government Association (LCA) warned in their detailed set of guidelines about the imminent threat, "War will be waged against illegal ravers," they declared.

Defining 'nu rave' as 'a style of music fusing elements of disco, electronic and punk' the Association suggested councils should set aside appproved venues though cautioned "but it depends what partygoers wish to do there and whether what goes on is acceptable or not."

"With the support of local authorities, local police and local people can send a strong message to anybody thinking of organising an illegal rave," said LCA spokesman Councillor Chris White, "If they have nothing to hide, they should talk to their council about putting on a legitimate event. But if their motives are less honourable then they will be dealt with by using the full force of the law," he added.

The surprising declaration emerged days after cops in East Anglia used a helicopter and scores of officers to track suspected ravers with mixed results. However, all 400 dancers reportedly got away with it by deviously managing to avoid upsetting any neighbours by partying in a remote forest near Swaffham.

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