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international news _ 11th June, 2007

Top DJs Clam Up Over Tiesto Terror Hoax

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Last week's story about a hoax suggesting al Qaida terrorists had issued death threats against Tiesto prompted an unusual silence from the dance community this week with few touring DJs willing to comment further.

Skrufff New York contributor Larry Tee, however, was happy to talk saying "I am afraid that I don't have the Tiesto persona enough for a death threat, terrorists actually like my music, I've been told."

The often criticised erstwhile electroclash king said he'd tour potential hotspots like Israel or Lebanon 'anytime' ('the threat of violence might make it a little exciting,' he suggested) adding "when it's your time to go, its your time to go."

"I have been threatened by drunken thugs over the years, but I have found that saying 'I can't hear you! Write it down!' usually makes them go away," Larry added, recalling the rare occasions he's felt unsafe during his 20 year career.

"Listen, I have even wandered into a favela in Rio by accident once," he continued, "People everywhere are usually not as threatening as the government travel warnings suggest. If you aren't a loud-mouthed drunken tourist, people are usually glad to see you. I don't, however, wear my 'America's Number 1 t-shirt much when on tour these days."

Skrufff man-in-Bangkok (and British expat) Bee (also from electro-rockers Futon) was also happy to talk about the topic though admitted 'if I were named in a terrorist threat personally I would definitely take it seriously.'

"But surely statistically it's much more dangerous to get in a car and most people don't think twice about that," he added.

Bee also said Futon have encountered problems when overseas, with Nepal presenting the greatest threat.

"We did a Rehab night in Nepal when the civil war with the Maoist Rebels was at its height and we were accosted at the gig," he recalled, "But it wasn't by a Maoist Rebel it was a trance fan who didn't like electro. He picked up a CD case and threw it across the room. We didn't chase after him," he laughed.

He also stressed Futon remain happy to travel anywhere with one glaring exception.

"Barnsley, in the UK," he said, "It's definitely not safe."

Futon's new single Strap It On it out now.

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