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international news _ 26th June, 2006

Free Party Promoter Issued With ASBO

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Oxford cops have issued an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) preventing a 22 year old party promoter from organising and performing at illegal raves, in the latest move against unlicensed parties.

22-year-old James Christopher McKenzie received the ASBO after being linked with two free parties on the Oxfordshire Ridgeway last year, and is the second such individual to be given a rave related ASBO.

"It is not about spoiling anyone's fun," Oxfordshire PC Jimmy May told local newspaper the Buckinghamshire Free Press.

"Communities have suffered long enough with illegal raves and securing this second ASBO makes it quite clear that we will not be soft targets for rave organisers. These events are often associated with trespass, drug use and criminal damage," he insisted.

Former EMF/ Bentley Rhythm Ace popstar James Atkins, who nowadays fronts a band called The Asbo Kid, was unimpressed, telling Skrufff 'as far as I'm concerned rave parties are social events and the people who try and stop these events are being very anti-social in their behaviour. I was brought up on illegal parties in the West Country and it never did me any harm (I think)."

The nowadays Yorkshire based singer enjoyed a worldwide wide with EMF in the early 90s with dance/crossover anthem 'Unbelievable', though the band rapidly attracted seriously bad press as their partying antics became widely known.

The Asbo Kid's debut EP Named and Shamed is out now on White Label Music.

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