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Lost Weekend

international news _ 21st June, 2006

Lost Weekend Nowhere to Be Found

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

As previously reported on Higher Frequency the Lost Vagueness crew, who had successfully run events at the Glastonbury Festival since 2000, were set to run there own weekend of frivolity in the heavy hitting festivals absence. However, it now appears that the festivities planned for between the 23rd and 25th of June have been cancelled. This news comes as a shock considering that in addition to Glastongury, Lost Vagueness has also run parties at the Lovebox and Godskitchen in the past.

The organizers will continue to run other parties and a residency so it is unclear as to why the 3 day event was cancelled with the promoters themselves doing little to shed light on the situation, cryptically stating that they "were thwarted by a greater power. Ticket purchasers have been urged to contact their ticket vendors for a refund but considering the Lost Weekend organizers have apologized for any losses due to the cancellation it is possible that a full refund will not be granted.

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