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international news _ 20th June, 2006

Tiefschwarz's Bargain Berlin Breaks

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

German duo Ali and Basti Tiefschwarz flew into Australia this week for their latest tour and hailed their adopted hometown of Berlin for its unique musical community and growing internationalisation amongst clubbers.

"People come with Easyjet or Ryanair from all over Europe every weekend to party in Berlin," they told 3D World, "You used to take the tube in London, now you just take a fucking plane to go to a club. Berlin is a fucking magnet," they said.

The hordes of budget travellers are also likely to be drawn by German open-mindedness and enthusiasm for sex, according to a recent survey, which revealed that 'Germans have the most energetic sex lives in Europe'. (Guardian).

"From my experience, that's right." Israeli in Berlin club promoter Elie told Skrufff, "When the vibe in the party is good you can feel the sex in the air and people definitely tend to be more open about their feelings."

"Oh yes, we have more sex than any other nation," Club Rio promoter Conny (who dates Peaches) agreed, "Nearly everybody is kissing at our parties and nobody has to go home alone. I really like this vibe," he laughed.

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