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Chicks on Speed

international news _ 16th June, 2006

Chicks On Speed But Not On Stage

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

The electro charged threesome that is Chicks on Speed have added a notice to their website and are circulating an email stating that they were "physically violated by security, promoters and sponsors". The email asserts that the trio were physically abused while trying to perform at the Oxigena Festival near Cordoba, in Southern Spain on the 10th of June. According to the Chicks On Speed the Ortiz Padillo Promoters and commercial sponsors involved with the event used force to remove the band from the stage and even destroyed a camera to remove any evidence of the events.

The three artists, who also run a clothing label, were due to perform at the Oxigena festival alongside Ladytron and Blackstrobe but their email suggests that due to a poor turn out in numbers the parties who were financially involved with the event didn't want them to perform. The fracas seemingly arose over a dispute over arrival time, with the Chicks on Speed adamant they arrived five minutes early and that the promoters actions were dictated by a desire to collect an insurance payout for a main act canceling.

In addition to the email and notice the Chicks on Speed official site also has a link to video footage of the disturbance recorded by a fan attending the Oxigena festival.

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