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Fort Dance 2006

international news _ 9th June, 2006

Deep Dish Say Hello to Topless Dancers

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Iranian ex-pats Deep Dish will be headlining this year's Fort Dance event in Russia. The event which started seven years ago boasts probably the most interesting location among all this summer's festivals. As the event name hints, Fort Dance is held at Fort Alexander 1 which lies off the coast of St Petersburg somewhere in the Gulf of Finland. That's right, it's an island.

Artists, which include 2020 Soundsystem and the Youngsters, will be flown into the venue by chopper while all but the richest of the 5,000 clubbers will be forced to either swim or catch a boat to the fort which was built in the 19th century. Once there though the weary swimmers will have plenty of entertainment with an outdoor main stage as well as three rooms of DJs and live acts.

Those with enough money to fly into the fort by helicopter will have more opportunity to spend some cash with private rooms for hire that come with optional topless dancers. With one after club activity catered for it is still to be confirmed whether there will be onsite kebab stands.

Fort Dance 2006 takes place on July 29th.

2020 Soundsystem (Live), Anton Nuemark, Arkady Air, Compass Vrubell, Dean Coleman, Deep Dish, DJ Fonar, DJ OM (Kazan), Fish, King Roc, Kon (Kiev), Leeroy Thornhill, Mike Spirit, Miss Nine, Monica Electronica, Spy.Der, Swanky Tunes (Live), Youngsters (Live) and more.

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