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international news _ 8th June, 2006

Lindstrom's Smalltown Affair

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Norwegian disco darling Hans-Peter Lindstrom is set to release his debut album in Autumn this year according to a report from Pitchfork Media. The disc will be entitled "It's a Feedelity Affair" and while it will not feature any new material there will be plenty of typical Lindstrom magic like 'I Love Space' which was recently remixed by Freeform Five and Tiefschwarz.

Though the title of the album may suggest it will be released on Lindstrom's own Feedelity label it is actually a joint release with Smalltown Supersound, the label which has just this month released another debut album "Dreams" by Erlend Oye's band the Whitest Boy Alive.

The CD is of course a Lindstrom album but it will not entirely be a solo affair, with some collaboration work with Christabelle and Prins Thomas being included in the eleven tracks. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas have only just finished touring their laptoplive + DJ set around the UK and will be heading to Belgium in August for the Pukkelpop Festival.

Lindstrom's "It's a Feedelity Affair" is due out on Feedelity/Smalltown Supersound on October 23rd. "Dreams" by the Whitest Boy Alive is available now through Smalltown Sound.

01. Fast & Delirious
02. Limitations
03. Lindstrom & Christabelle / Music (In My Mind)
04. Cane It for the Original Whities
05. There's a Drink in My Bedroom and I Need a Hot Lady
06. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas / Further Into the Future
07. I Feel Space
08. Arp She Said
09. Gentle as a Giant
10. Another Station
11. The Contemporary Fix

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