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Fabric 28: Wiggle

international news _ 7th June, 2006

Wiggle's Dinosaur Challenge

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Acid house pioneer Terry Francis from tech-house duo Wiggle chatted to Skrufff this week about the duo's new mix CD for Fabric and admitted that he sometimes experiences moments of self-doubt when taking stock of his career.

"When Nathan (Coles) and I started DJing we'd always be complaining ' 'look at Graham Gold, he's playing everywhere,' and I do I wonder if we get that from young DJs, he admitted, "that 'Dinosaurs move over' attitude," he laughed.

He also owned up to feeling lost behind the decks on occasion despite being one of Britain's most consistently popular DJs.

"I do get those moments of asking 'what am I doing here?' especially when you're music's not going down very well. You can be made to feel such as idiot sometimes and it's not your fault, it's the promoter's fault for booking you into the wrong club," said Terry.

"You can go somewhere to DJ and really bomb and it can be really disheartening and kick you in the head, so you start thinking 'Oh god, I've really lost it' when it wasn't your fault it was just that they didn't like what you were playing, so the promoter shouldn't have booked you. You can rip yourself to pieces when that happens."

Fabric 28: Wiggle is out now on Fabric Recordings

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