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international news _ 5th June, 2006

Gunman Shoots Clubber At Wales Newest House Club

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

An 18 year old clubber was shot and wounded on the dancefloor of Cardiff nightclub Wish last weekend, as clubbers partied at the venue's high profile Saturday night house music event.

Cardiff cops, who press reports said are treating the incident as attempted murder, arrested then released another 18 year old on bail following the shooting, said they're continuing to hunt for the assailants and added they were 'astonished' by the incident.

'This is a very serious crime but thankfully extremely rare in Cardiff," Superintendent Pat Tucker told the South Wales Echo, "We want to keep it that way and I urge anyone in the club who saw anything to come forward."

Hundreds of clubbers reportedly fled the club's dancefloor in panic after the shooting. The Bristol based victim, who was shot in the stomach, was discovered bleeding in the club toilets at 3.15am on Sunday morning.

The incident is a blow for Wish, who opened in January describing itself as 'Wales' newest & hottest nightclub, providing a stimulating treat to all the senses by setting a new standard in hip & cool'.

Ironically, the 'sexy, extrovert and glamorous' club also marketed itself with an 'exclusive and unique' ID card style scheme, 'the Members Biometric Thumb Scan Entry System' offering queue jumping privileges for clubbers prepared to be finger printed, though whether the shooter was a member remains unclear.

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