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International news_Jonty Skrufff_23rd June 2005

System 7- Glastonbury's Man-With-A Van

Psy-trance/ ambient legend Steve Hillage chatted to Skrufff this week about System 7's upcoming trip Glastonbury and revealed that he'll be spending the weekend sleeping in a truck.

"We normally get a camper van but in recent years we've started hiring a big transit van and putting a big bed in it," said Steve. "We always camp up near the stage where we're playing, in the backstage area and that's always our base, for the festival.

"We make the transit as nice as possible, we're veteran van users, we don't own one, though we did have a Transit in the 70s. We fill it with nice cushions," he explained.

A veteran of countless festivals and gatherings since his days as a member of seminal psychedelic gurus Gong, Steve admitted he'd been initially tempted by the creature comforts offered by yuppie enclave Camp Kerala, a new ultra-exclusive section cordoned off with its very own 8 foot high security fence.

"There's a link to Camp Kerala on the Glastonbury website and we checked it out about two weeks ago and thought 'ooh, this looks quite nice'," said Steve, "Then we checked out the price; 6,000pounds including helicopter. I thought 'fuck off!' So we're not staying in Camp Kerala; it's not quite our thing."

System 7 play live on the West Coast Dance stage at 9pm on Friday June 24, when they'll be presenting a brand new set including new tracks from their upcoming 'Download EP'.

Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

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