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Tim Simenon

International news_ 17th June 2005

Hard House Giant Robbed Near Clapham Common

Riot DJ/ producer Ed Real was viciously mugged in South London this week, by two youths who beat him round the head before making off with his phone.

"I'd just come out from the Tube onto Clapham High Street it was broad daylight and everything seemed perfectly innocent," Ed told Skrufff. "I was answering a phone call when two coloured youths in hooded tops on mountain bikes cycled past me. I looked at them, they looked at me, and then 30 seconds later I was hit around the head and had the phone snatched out of my hand. By the time I got up, they were cycling off down the road."

"It was a shock when they hit me and my head still aches a bit now but I'll survive," Ed continued. "Though it has knocked my confidence a little because it happened within 20 metres of my house on the route that I walk home on every single day, twice a day. I see lots of young chavs (hooligans) cycling around constantly and I know in the past there have been signs up warning people about the threat. The problem is they're local, I'm local and I am going to bump into them one day and they are going to get a thick ear. I'll definitely recognise them again," he added.

The attack happened close to Clapham Common though Ed insisted he'd been nowhere near the notorious mugging haunt.

"I categorically deny any cruising, though I have nothing against Wombles or any other nocturnal inhabitants of commons in South London," he chuckled

Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

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