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Music Stars Unite Against Bush

international news_28th June, 2004

Music Stars Unite Against Bush

Some of the U.S.'s leading electronic music stars have joined forces in an effort to raise public awareness of the political movement 'The Committee to Re-Defeat The President'. Trance DJ's Christopher Lawrence, BT appeared with Nine Inch Nail's founder Chris Vrenna and Crystal Method producer Ken Jordan at a photo shoot to promote the campaign this week which aims to register up to a million democratic voters before the November elections.

"I support The Committee to Re-defeat the President because, like the name says, Bush lost the election, yet still became president," said Christopher Lawrence. "Bush and his administration of hate and greed must be removed," he added.

Crystal Method main-man Ken Jordan agreed, declaring "we are doing everything we can to get out the vote and to support (John) Kerry in November."

"It was bad enough having this guy (George W) win the presidency without winning the election but he is invading countries, he lies to the country, and worst of all he is just a neo-con puppet for the rich," said Ken