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international news _ 24th July, 2006

Zimmerfrei in Croatia: ‘Don’t Call It A Festival’

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Zagreb promoter DJ Sergej chatted to Skrufff this week about his DJ and live music event in Vodice on the Dalmatian Coast and stressed the brand new week-long party is strictly not a festival.

“The event is about artists, DJs and clubbers meeting and having fun, at a series of events that will be taking place on the beach and in clubs throughout the town,” said Sergej, “It’s more like a real life Myspace where people can connect and enjoy great music, while also having a great holiday. Festivals are almost always about sponsors, high priced tickets and hordes of people there because everyone else is; our party is free and is aimed at like-minded types.”

The new event is centred around the Vodice Beach Bar, with 30 plus DJs and performers including Dan Solo, CB Funk, Daniel Rajkovic, Popnevo and Jonty Skrufff playing at the bar every day from 2pm-9pm. The action will then switch to Vodice’s numerous bars and clubs including giant waterside superclub Porat.

“Porat is probably the most beautiful club in Europe where nothing is artificial and it’s just 5 meters from the sea, with a capacity up to 5,000 people, but where with only 50 people you can create a super atmosphere,” Sergej continued. “The owner is calling his program for this year Last Minute, and in a way our philosophy fits perfectly with his.”

Zimmerfrei is free to all and takes place every day and night from Sunday July 23-Sunday July 30.

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