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international news _ 24th July, 2006

Seattle Psycho Killer Stalked Rave Girls

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Seattle Police published their report into the motivations behind Kyle Huff’s homicidal slaughter of six ravers, this week, and revealed that the 6’6 ‘gentle giant’ killer was a sexually repressed misfit who stalked the local rave community in the months before his attack.

“At night, he would wander through bars and clubs, either alone or accompanied by his brother Kane. Even at raves—in a setting where acceptance is often cited as a major virtue—he was described as a wallflower who stood at the side of the room as the music played and ravers danced,” the police report, headed by Northeastern University criminal justice professor James Alan Fox of Boston, said.

“There was no history of any long-term relationships with women; he was not dating anyone,” Professor Fox’s report continued, “His one attempt to start a relationship a few months before the shootings was met with rejection despite his multiple phone calls that were not returned and flowers left at the young woman's door that were not acknowledged. The woman explained that Kyle was not her 'type.'" (Seattle Weekly).

Huff, 28, massacred six ravers at an afterparty he’d been invited to on March 25, and terrorised the rest screaming, ‘I've got enough ammunition for everyone’ as he rampaged through the house, though reportedly stopped firing or pursuing victims towards the end.

"It was as if he had lost interest in shooting any more, or it was just too much effort," the report speculated, "It may be that whatever satisfaction he had hoped to derive from the shooting spree was not forthcoming or had been satiated.”

Huff’s profile matched precisely the description of a typical spree serial killer described by the Swiss Criminal Profiling Scientific Research Site, on their website CriminalProfiling.ch.

“Almost all serial killers are white and between 20 and 35 years of age,” says the Site, in its report ‘Generalized Characteristics of Serial Murderers’.

"The mission-oriented type seeks to kill a specific group of people who he believes are unworthy to live and without whom the world would be a better place. He is not psychotic, in fact, his everyday acquaintances frequently will describe him as a fine citizen.”

"To those who knew Huff well, his murderous behaviour was uniformly seen as uncharacteristic,” the Seattle Police report concluded, “Without question, there were no clear warning signs that could have been observed, even by his twin brother. Though there were subtle signs of emotional trouble, the prospect of violence was beyond consideration."

Huff blew his brains out when he was confronted by a police officer outside the house.