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international news _ 13th July, 2006

Twilo Gets Out the Construction Hats

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Back in May 2001 the legendary Twilo in New York was forced to close down due to an unfortunate incident involving the local constabulary and some contraband substances. While Junior Vasquez’s favourite club will not be returning to the Big Apple it will in fact be resurfacing in Vice City itself, Miami. This new club seems to be financed by speaker system giants Phazon who will apparently be utilizing the new Miami venue as a showroom during the daylight hours.

Construction of the club still hasn’t been completed but the promoters have gotten all excited and announced that the first party will be held on Saturday 22nd July at the unfinished 11th Street location which is said to have been designed by the creators of the original To pay homage to the glory days of the club’s New York incarnation the regular Saturday night party will be targeted at a gay audience, but if the NY original is anything to go by, a lot of partygoers won’t pay much attention to the sexual orientation based segregation especially since the Friday night party, which is aimed at Miami’s straight crowd, will not be kicking off until September.

Music on the night of the Twilo construction party will be provided by a Abel Aguilera who is New York born but now Miami based much like Twilo itself. Throughout his career Abel has worked with Gloiria Estefan and Donna Summer but it is unclear whether there is any familial connection with pop star Christina Aguilera.

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