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international news _ 13th July, 2006

Glastonbury Minus the Mud

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

We all know that Glastonbury is taking a bit of a hiatus this year and that many festival goers will be leaving their rain gear in the cupboard this year despite the draw of other festivals like Scotland’s T in the Park. Well thanks to Julien Temple, director of the Sex Pistols’ documentary “The Filth and the Fury”, you’ll be able to enjoy that Glastonbury magic without getting all muddy.

On July 17th a documentary, inventively entitled “Glastonbury”, will be released on DVD so that you can relive the glory years of a festival that first began the day after 60’s icon Jimi Hendrix died. The film has been touring cinemas throughout England during June and July and is composed of footage shot by amateurs and professionals throughout the festivals long history, and includes plenty of live performances.

When the festival was started in 1970 ticket prices were 1 pound and everyone who attended received free farm fresh milk. Over the years the lineup has included Van Morrison, Curtis Mayfield, New Order, the Cure, Orbital and Basement Jaxx and attendances in 2005 reached a whopping 153,000 despite the ticket price of 125 pounds with no free milk included.

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