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international news _ 12th July, 2006

Cut Copy’s Fine Fabric Cut

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Australian electro-disco trio Cut Copy have mixed the latest compilation for London clubbing group Fabric, delivering a 25 track mega-mix which combines oldies (Roxy Music, Ciccone (aka sonic) Youth and Grauzone) with newer cuts from the likes of Who Made Who, Justice and In Flagranti.

Curiously described by Fabric’s press office as ‘the soundtrack to the party no-one’s had the guts to throw’, it reflects the rock meets dance vibe of their own tracks, which were inspired when songwriter Dan Whitford’s sampler blew up one day, he said.

“I don’t know if it was fate, but afterwards I thought I could get the sampler repaired and found myself pretty fed up with it. I decided I’d put a band together and do real garage, indie versions of the songs I’d been making,” said Dan.

“I guess that was the start of the band, doing Sonic Youth versions of dancy songs. It ended up being somewhere in the middle: dance music but with live instruments, more interesting than either would be on their own. It was a bit of blessing in disguise.”

The ‘doing Sonic Youth versions of dancy songs’ is exemplified by Sonic Youth’s mid 80s version of Madonna’s Into The Groove, though just a minute of the track is featured reflecting Dan’s cut up approach to DJing.

“I still DJ here and there and I think I enjoy it more now because I don’t do it as much,” he continued, “We play lots of live shows, where you’re stressing about getting set up and sound-checking and everything else. So now when I DJ it’s almost like all the fun bits without any of the boring stuff that you do to set up for a gig,” he said.

Fabric Live 29- Cut Copy is out in August.


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