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Basement Jaxx

international news _ 10th July, 2006

Basement Jaxx's Stage Fright

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Felix from Basement Jaxx chatted to Skrufff this week about his biggest DJing disasters and revealed that his worst crisis mirrored Paul Oakenfold's tale of injuring himself in a bizarre Spinal Tap style accident.

"I fell off the stage walking backwards in 'Where's Your Head At' in South Africa last year-in front of thousands- there was blood everywhere," said Felix.

"People thought it was part of the show but I ended up having seven stitches in my eyebrow and a piece on the national evening news-they said it gave a new meaning to rock & roll," he laughed.

The Brixton based producer also admitted that rock & roll living prompted a few additional mishaps along the way, including forgetting to play a song altogether once when Basement Jaxx were playing in Amsterdam.

"The song was Get Me Off and it was the first time the singer Mandy was due to perform this song, she was waiting nervously at the side of the stage and couldn't believe it when the show finished and she was still waiting," he recalled, "I never smoke weed before a gig now."

He also recalled an unusually close shave with cops in America, when performing at a rave in LA, which almost ended in tears.

"A policeman said to me "One more note son and you're going to jail-I turned it up to max-the people were going nuts," he chuckled, "He didn't arrest me."

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