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Post 26

international news _ 6th July, 2006

Lunch with Luciano & Lan

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Berlin has added one more bourgeois bohemian cafe to its arsenal but this one has something fans of minimal beats are likely to find quite interesting. Of course the new establishment named Post 26 is offering tasty sandwiches, freshly squeezed juice and expertly crafted Tres Cabezas but this cafe's real punch comes from its owners.

The lease is owned by an up and coming independent label Lan Muzic which had its first release, Exercise One & Memo with "Kitchentools EP" just over a year ago. Memo and one half of Exercise One, Marco Freivogel, will actually be running the cafe alongside fellow labelmate Jacopo Carreras and Cadenza boss Luciano. This isn't Luciano's first collaboration with Lan Muzic as he was responsible for a remix of the track 'Silverspoon' which appeared on "Kitchentools EP".

The cafe will be open from Monday to Saturday between the hours 9am and 8pm but here's hoping those hours are occasionally extended for some DJ or Live sets from the boys in charge. On a final note, Post 26 offers free wireless LAN access which may or may not be a direct reference to the cafe's ownership. To drop off a demo or grab a sandwich head to the address below.

Address :
Post 26
Mariannenstr. 26a
10999 Berlin

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