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Fatboy Slim

international news _ 5th July, 2006

Fatboy Who?

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Norman Fatboy Slim Cook was almost excluded from his own gig at last weekend's Rock Ness Festival in Scotland when an over-zealous security guard refused to let him pass for not having the right VIP pass.

"The steward did his job but didn't recognise Norman," his publicist told the Glasgow Sunday Mail, "But it was all sorted out fairly quickly and everyone took it in good spirits."

The multi-millionaire pop star performed to rapturous crowds at the Scottish event, despite recently failing to match his glory years in the late 90s, a point he admitted in the Times last week in a typically illuminating interview.

"It's weird, because in the past couple of years my record sales have declined, but my DJ-ing career is at an all-time high," said Cook, "A lot of it is my reputation for throwing a good party. I'm not the world's best DJ, but I'm probably the world's best-known DJ," he mused.

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