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Jonty Skrufff

international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 19th July 2005

Skrufff Teams Up With Sao Paulo's ampgalaxy

Brazil's alternative club/ nightlife/ fashion brand ampgalaxy have signed up Jonty Skrufff as a resident DJ in an arrangement that also sees the London based journalist/ DJ taking on a talent scouting role for the Sao Paulo club.

"Jonty's going to be coming to Brazil every four months to DJ and recommending DJs and performers for us and we're also going to be collaborating over the Skrufff content on an ongoing developing basis," said ampgalaxy chief Francisco Navarette.

"I believe both of our businesses are driven by a truly daring attitude and a shared spirit of adventure and that's one of the key factors for us to get connected. We also share the same passion for alternative upfront dance music, particularly the styles that people call electro, electroclash and electro-disco-punk," he explained.

Ampgalaxy started life as a streetwear fashion label several years ago though nowadays has expanded to include a club, cafe and hairdressers in their 4 story headquarters in downtown Sao Paulo.

"The club was built initially as a spin-off of the Brazilian streetwear fashion label amp, idealized as a space that would help us talk to the young trendsetters in Sao Paulo, but not just from a straightforward fashion standpoint," Francisco continued.

"Since opening the club has established itself as a nightlife brand in itself and we've been lucky enough to have been in touch with the some of the most daring and exciting artists in the electronic music scene during this last two years."

Since Larry Tee opened as ampgalaxy's first international guest in 2003, the club has gone on to showcase DJs including Hell, Princess Superstar, Play Paul and Tommie Sunshine, with future guests planned from the same alternative genre.

"We care about daring, interesting and fresh artists rather than if they have a high profile elsewhere because really none of these artists are that well known in Brazil, if at all," he said. "The Skrufff e-zine focuses on exactly the kind of DJs and music that fits with ampgalaxy and when Jonty played at the club in March he also rocked it. We're delighted to be teaming up with Skrufff."
(Jonty Skrufff/Skrufff.com)