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international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 19th July 2005

Ibiza Smoking Ban Imposed On All 'Inside Establishments'

Balearic authorities outlawed smoking in clubs, restaurants and hotels in Ibiza this week in a move that took a number of the island's biggest stars by surprise.

"I only heard about the ban on Sunday night, from a second hand source", Judge Jules told Skrufff, "And I sat next to Pete Tong on the flight back from Ibiza, and he wasn't aware about it at all."

"Having only found out about it this weekend, it's difficult to assess its impact," the Judgement Sunday promoter continued, "though considering the other locations I've played at where smoking's been banned, such as New York, California and Ireland for example, clubland hasn't been affected in any of those places, so there's no reason to suspect that it'll make any difference in Ibiza," he predicted.

Jules also suggested the island's much touted rock revolution has yet to have much impact on the season so far.

"All the major nights are reporting an upturn in numbers, but it's not until next week that I start spending longer each week in Ibiza, and at that point I can have more of a nosey about," he said, "but I've certainly not seen one single rocker," he laughed.

The smoking ban came into force on Monday July 11 and affects all the Balearic Islands.
(Jonty Skrufff/Skrufff.com)

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