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Eric Morillo

international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 14th July 2005

Erick Morillo Rescues Rancid Rocker

Pint-sized Subliminal Records chief Erick Morillo helped Pacha sidekick Tommy Lee escape gun-toting thugs in Croatia last weekend, after the notoriously erratic Motley Crue drummer failed to impress a local promoter.

According to Morillo's press agents the ego-has-landed house DJ was forced to intervene after security staff tried to seize Tommy Lee's performance fee at the opening of a tennis club in the European hot spot.

"The owner didn't think Tommy played long enough, and just wasn't into it. Suddenly on their way to the after-party, Tommy was surrounded by Croatian armed heavies," Morillo's spokesperson explained, "Sizing up the situation, Erick urged pal Tommy to leave with him immediately on his private chartered plane."

The incident happened just over a year after Lee experienced similar performance related problems in Las Vegas hotspot Bellagio, prompting club owner Sean Christie to complain 'dealing with him was probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had in this business' (Las Vegas Sun).

According to the Vegas boss, Tommy Lee DJed so poorly that clubbers ended up sitting on the dance floor chatting, prompting him to order security to remove him from the decks mid set.

"He was playing lousy music. We told him to wrap up his set and make a graceful exit. When he refused, we said we would just pull the plug on him, which is what we ended up doing," Christie complained.

Lee later denied the allegations saying he'd left voluntarily 30 minutes into his set after the club treated him with 'disrespect'. (Jonty Skrufff/Skrufff.com)

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