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international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 12th July 2005

Global Gathering (Almost) Sells Out

Midlands dance promoters Global Gathering announced this week that Friday tickets for their first ever two day event have sold old and predicted they're on course to sell out for the entire weekend.

In the five years since it started the Strafford upon Avon multi-marquee rave has become England's most successful dance festival and their decision to add a second night looks certain to cement its dominance still further.

"We didn't want to copy the Homelands and Creamfields concepts which were basically about adding live acts to an existing dance festival, we wanted to create our own style event by adding live acts to the Friday night and keeping the Saturday as it is, a pure dance music event," festival promoter James Algate told Skrufff in January.

"The event will run from 5pm on the Friday then run through until 2am at which point people will return to the campsites and do whatever they want to do in the camp sites, I'm sure they'll be a few little parties that go on all night," he predicted.

"Then we'll open up again as a fresh event the next day, just like Glastonbury does, though we're a completely different model from Glastonbury," he stressed, "Our feet are in dance music."

The festival's website urges revellers to bring Wellington boots 'just in case' and condoms (also just in case) as well as babywipes, sleeping bags and bin bags ('they have more uses than you can imagine' say GG).

"Check your camping gear is intact before you leave home," they also recommend, "And try to remember where you pitched your tent."(Jonty Skrufff/Skrufff.com)

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