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international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 12th July 2005

Al Qaida Bombs Briefly Shut Down London

The Prodigy were amongst numerous bands who postponed gigs following London's bombings this Thursday, with clubs including Electrogogo also amongst entertainment venues that shut down on the night.

"We were advised not to open by the police, but if we'd been able to open I would have been at the club even though there would be few people there due to the lack of transport and the fear of stepping outdoors," Electrogogo chief Mark Moore told Skrufff on the day of the attacks.

"It's true I;m not feeling the urge to party today but the urge to get together with friends is stronger. I think a gathering tonight would have been poignant and emotional; people come together and care for each other more at moments like this."

Cock promoter Jim Stanton admitted he was initially unsure whether his Friday night weekly at central London venue Ghetto would happen as planned, though by 5pm Thursday sent out a bullish text promising '100% coal action as usual with Atomizer DJs'.

Gozilla promoter Terry Hart, who's also going ahead with his party at Boudoir this Saturday night, was similarly defiant, telling Skrufff 'the show has to go on; we're dammed if terrorism will stop the party.'

"At times like this we truly believe that people want to unite and party more to show the bastards (being polite here) that they are not going to get to us," Terry continued.

"Having said that, although we believe the party must go on, it does not shelter how angry and emotional we are at towards the carnage that Central London is today," he added.

Portuguese in London producer Rui Da Silva was similarly determined to honour his gig at Turnmills tonight (Friday 8) telling Skrufff 'London is great and will not be intimidated."
(Jonty Skrufff / Skrufff.com)