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Foley Room

international news _ 30th January, 2007

Strange Sounds from the "Foley Room"

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

Since his debut album "Bricolage" in 97, Amon Tobin has been a sound pioneer, producing, sampling, mixing and everything in between. His 5th album "Foley Room" doesn't miss a beat. His creativity in the sampling department has elevated to the next level. Using some high grade, old school equipment, Amon Tobin ventured out to find anything he could record and use for the album. His adventures to find these samples were caught on tape and then made into a bonus DVD (included with the album).

In addition to scouring the world for sounds, Amon also went into seclusion. "Foley Room" was named after the developer of sound effects Jack Foley. His techniques revolutionized the film industry, the same way Amon has influenced the world with his one-of-a-kind style.

"Foley Room" will be released on March 6th on Ninja Tunes.

01. Bloodstone
02. Esther's
03. Keep Your Distance
04. The Killer's Vanilla
05. Kitchen Sink
06. Horsefish
07. Foley Room
08. Big Furry Head
09. Ever Falling
10. Always
11. Straight Psyche
12. At The End Of The Day

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