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Dave Clarke

international news _ 18th January, 2007

Dave Clarke’s Paranoid Success

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

The Observer newspaper highlighted some of Donald Trump’s key tips for success this week including ‘think big’, ‘be paranoid’ and ‘have a short attention span’, to the (partial) approval of top British techno type Dave Clarke.

“You have to overshoot- think big- to get to where you want to be, but I don't believe in being nasty to other people to get there,” Dave told Skrufff, “But am I paranoid? What are you saying about me?” he asked.

Less impressed by the US property mogul’s advice to ‘avoid the handshake whenever possible’, Dave stressed he was joking about his paranoia though admitted the condition is something to consider.

“Follow your dreams but also try and have a social life,” he recommended, “A lot of successful people seem to be lonely with the people close to them being there because of money and power and not love and loyalty. That’s what contributes to their paranoia.”

Skrufff contributor and author Simon Napier-Bell (who previously managed astonishingly successful rock and pop stars Marc Bolan, the Yardbirds and Wham) also partially endorsed Donald Trump’s views, declaring ‘the artist is the one who thinks big, the manager just needs to be practical.’

“And all artists are paranoid,” Simon added, “And a successful manager needs a successful artist so paranoia (the artist's) seems part of the equation for success. But for the manager, dealing with it can be a pain in the butt.”

“With artists, they think everyone but them is responsible for every last thing that goes wrong or doesn't go right,” he said,

“There was a great story (I used it in Black Vinyl White Powder) of an artist in the 60s who stormed into the offices of Decca Records and literally destroyed it - throwing files all over the place, turning tables over, throwing chairs out the windows. This, he said, because Decca were deliberately stopping his new single from getting radio play or being stocked in the shops. Later, when he was safely behind bars at Vine Street police station, he remembered his new single wasn't due for release for another six weeks,” he laughed.

Simon also remained lucid enough to agree with Donald Trump’s quick thinking tip, pointing out ‘it's difficult to bulls**t someone who has a short attention span. Bulls**t takes time, so a short attention span works as a great bulls**t filter.”

“My main tip for success? Be clever,” he concluded, “Managing an artist is a delicate game of give and take. To be successful you have to make everyone believe you are in complete control of your artist. But you must let the artist think he's in complete control of you,” said Simon.

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